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Chocolate strawberries


This is a recipe to make the most yummie, chocolate strawberries



» chocolate 





»  heat up the chocolate until it is fluid, and put your strawberries into the fluid chocolate.

then put the chocolate wipped strawberries cool down (put them in the freezer for half an hour)


after that you have your own home made chocolate strawberries




D.I.Y. studded vans


this is an awesome D.I.Y. tip, to, make some great studded vans


» glue

   pair of old vans






» apply some of your glue on a stud, and place it somewhere on your vans.

» repeat this stap until your own D.I.Y. vans are finished. 



10 tips for less stress


this are the best 10 tips for less stress.

1 → dance it out

2 → go for a walk

3 → talk about it with your bestfriend (this works)

4 → breathe more 

5 → go to bed earlier

6 → focus on what you can control

7 → reminisce about good times

8 → ask for a hug (one of your crush really works ♥)

9 → look for opportunities in life's challenges

10 → smile, smile a lot Smile